Abiding Presence preschool has been an amazing experience for me and my family. I
started my first child, Jackson in the three (3) year old program. I was so nervous that my
baby was going to school. The director and teacher made me and Jackson feel safe and
comfortable. As Jackson continued school he became more social and academically
progressed very rapidly. I was so impressed and excited for him. He could not wait until his
day to go to school. I then became pregnant with my second child, Lucas. He wanted to
follow Jackson and I enrolled him in the two (2) year program. Now I had both children in
school. Again, the director and staff made it so easy for me. They were always very
attentive to all of my needs. Both of my children loved going to school and it made me feel
so good as I watched each week how they both progressed. Now Lucas is in the three (3)
year program and is doing very well academically and socially. I now look forward to
putting my third child, Grayson in the two (2) year program. The director, staff and
Pastor have become my family. Each day they are able to put a smile on the faces of my
boys and myself. Without a doubt, I would recommend that all children should attend this preschool. They
will definitely see amazing changes not only in academics, but socially. You would be quite
pleased at their success.
— Dara Casselli, Parent
Being a first time mother of two year old twins, I wanted to make sure that the preschool I chose for them was perfect. This is our first year at Abiding Presence Preschool, and it feels more than perfect; it feels like family. I have been so pleased with the teachers, staff and overall feel of the school. We started the year in the half-day two year old program, and loved it so much that I signed them up to finish the year doing the full day! My kids are always so excited t o see Ms. Schulz and Miss Sharon (which makes me leaving them here so much easier, knowing that they love their teachers so much!) and they run into the arms of the director, Miss Julie, EVERY morning!! Every day I look forward to opening my kids’ folders and seeing what project they did, and I love how excited they are about learning so many new things. Thanks to Abiding Presence Preschool, my kids are flourishing socially and intellectually. I am so thankful for following my intuition and going with APLC!
— Shannon Perkins